Update Skills (SKU) is run as part of your Training procedures in Chris21. If this is one of the processes that you run, keep in mind that it uses what it finds in Session Skills (CSS). If you notice that some skills aren’t being updated this is the first place to look.

The correct configuration of Chris21 is very important to ensure the Update Skills process works as expected. When you set up a Course (CSD) record in Chris21 you must then create the associated skills on Course Skills (CSK). When I say associated skills I mean any skills that will be attained by completing the course. This could be a single skill or multiple skills depending on the course.

When you subsequently create a Course Session (CSE) record, the Course Skills will automatically be transferred to Session Skills. The Update Skills process then transfers any skills it finds on Session Skills to the course attendee’s Skills (SKL).

It’s also useful to know that you can manually update Session Skills records. This is helpful if a particular session has changed slightly from the norm and perhaps one or more of the skills aren’t covered.

You can find more information about the Update Skills process in my article Updating Skills in Chris21 Learning and Development.

The important thing to keep in mind when running the Update Skills process is to ensure that your system is correctly configured as outlined above. Without this you will find that not all skills will be attributed to course attendees.