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Hi, I’m Tony Danher. I specialise in providing Chris21 consulting help to businesses. I have the knowledge and experience to help you when you need it. Chris21 consulting can mean many things: upgrade help, issues resolution, implementing new modules, help with reporting. In fact, any area of your Chris21 system where you need the help of an expert Chris21 consultant.

I founded my company, System Logic in 2006 in response to a perceived lack of support for Chris21 users. Since this time my client base has grown by providing help to many businessess who haven’t been able to find the right help when they need it.

Most of my clients call on me regularly for help. For example, I install upgrades and updates each year for a number of clients. This is a specialised area and I find that businesses are more than happy to let me manage this for them. As part of this process, I ensure that Test environments are properly maintained and updated so that best practice is followed when upgrading the software.

If you need the help of a Chris21 consultant, you typically have three options:

  • Use an in-house resource. You may already have a resource dedicated to maintaining and supporting your Chris21 system.  This person will be able to do most of the Chris21 consulting work.
  • Ask the vendor. You will be able to hire one of their Chris21 consultants to do the work you require.
  • Hire an independent Chris21 consultant. This person should be competent in Chris21 and have a track record to prove it.
Why choose me for your Chris21 consultancy?

When considering an independent Chris21 consultant to help you, you need to be confident that the person you hire is competent and can do what they promise. Here are some compelling reasons to consider my services:

  • Access to a Chris21 specialist consultant when you need it. If there is some urgency you don’t want to be told you will have to wait for a consultant. The ability to respond to client needs in a timely manner should be a priority for the independent contractor.
  • A guarantee that the same Chris21 consultant will work on your project from beginning to end. It’s frustrating to have to deal with different consultants on a project. I will deliver consistency because you will be working with me throughout the life of the project. For example, I am currently upgrading Chris21 for a client. I have been working with this client for a number of years and am familiar with their network and their business.
  • A competent Chris21 consultant is hard to find. When you have found one you will very likely want to use that person on multiple occasions. The consultant will begin to understand your business and the way you use Chris21. Consequently, you will come to trust and rely on that person.
  • You will gain the services of an expert. I have a proven track record for delivering outstanding Chris21 consulting help for my clients. An independent Chris21 consultant won’t be in business for long if they lack the expertise in all facets of Chris21.

What should you expect from an independent Chris21 consultant?

The effort you put into finding a good Chris21 consultant will reap many benefits for you. The independent consultant should be able to look at your requirements and offer the best solution, working within the limitations of Chris21.

I have written blogs about some of the things I do to make sure the client gets the best results. You can peruse the Chris21 Blog for an insight into my Chris21 expertise. While you’ve visiting the blog why not subscribe? When you subscribe you will automatically receive my latest articles direct to your inbox.

In addition, you should expect from an independent Chris21 consultant:

  • Response to your needs at short notice.
  • A specialist in Chris21.
  • A problem solver.
  • A reliable resource.
  • Someone who has vast practical experience in Chris21.
  • Recommendations to enhance your Chris21 system.
  • Knowledge transfer to your staff.

You do have options when you need the help of a Chris21 consultant. Apart from help from the vendor or possibly your in-house resource, do keep in mind that the use of an independent Chris21 consultant can be a viable option. I have been helping clients with their Chris21 consulting needs since 2006. To find out more about what I do, please take a look at the Chris21 Consulting page on my website.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. Or you can contact me via the System Logic website.