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Are you looking for help with anything Chris related, be it Chris21 or iChris? Or do you have ideas, knowledge or questions you want to share with your fellow users? If so, the Chris21 and iChris Support networks might be just what you are looking for. I manage these groups on LinkedIn and invite you to join.

The Chris21 Support Network group has been operating for a while now. I first introduced this group back in January 2018 in this post – The Chris21 Support Network is now on LinkedIn. Since then it has been steadily growing, with new members joining on a regular basis. The key thing about this group is that it is made up predominantly of Chris21 users, and that makes it good for you. That’s because as a fellow Chris21 user, you will be interacting with like-minded individuals, getting solutions to real issues.

Chris21 and iChris support networks

The group already includes many very knowledgeable members. I am always pleased to see questions from other members being answered quickly by other members. They have the answers and are happy to share.

I’m also happy to share my expertise with the group. I have built up extensive knowledge about Chris21 over the years consulting with clients. If I see a question that hasn’t been answered or I have something worthwhile to add, I am more than happy to do so. It’s all about sharing ideas and expertise, to help solve those annoying problems.

Current discussions in the group

To give you an example of the types of discussions we get in the group, here are three current talking points:

  • the best method for extracting vacancy reports from Chris21
  • an issue emailing payslips from Chris21
  • reporting over attachments in Chris21

iChris – the latest iteration of Chris21

Most of you will by now be aware of iChris and some of you will be using it. It’s the next generation of the Chris product. While iChris looks quite different from Chris21, the backend, where all the configuration and processing take place is essentially the same. This means that you can expect the problems you see in Chris21 to also surface in iChris. So, it follows that the fixes will be the same.

For these reasons, my first thought was that the Chris21 Support Network would be sufficient to also support iChris users. Most of the work is the same for both systems. If someone suggests a fix for a Chris21 problem, it’s highly likely that this fix can also be applied to iChris.

There are, however, enough differences between the two systems to warrant a new support group specifically for iChris users. Hence, I have recently started the iChris Support Network group.

chris21 and ichris support networks

For iChris users, is it worthwhile also joining the Chris21 Support Network group?

I think it is because this way you will be able to view discussions from more members. Most users are members of the Chris21 Support Network because this group has been running for longer and Chris21 represents a bigger slice of the pie between the two applications. Over time, I would expect iChris to gain traction and eventually become the application with the larger user base.

I encourage you to join your preferred group, or both groups. To ensure these groups become thriving sources of information and assistance, we need a mix of users. If you

  • are new to Chris21 or iChris and could benefit from some help
  • are a seasoned, knowledgeable user who is happy to help fellow users to solve problems (and learn new things yourself)
  • are interested in learning more about Chris21 or iChris
  • would like to hear how others approach things so that you can get a different perspective

then it would be fantastic to welcome you into the groups. It would be great to have your expertise and your questions, and I am sure you will get a lot from it. And you can be sure that your fellow members will benefit too!

To request to join, simply click these links. I always review requests to join to ensure we only have Chris21 or iChris users as members. This is to help keep spam out of the group:

Chris21 Support Network

iChris Support Network

Alternatively, you can search them on LinkedIn or leave a comment below. I look forward to welcoming you to the Chris21 and iChris Support Networks!