Chris21 information

Finding Chris21 information online when you need help has traditionally been very difficult. I noticed that this was the case many years ago through my own observations and by talking to people who worked in the Chris21 sphere.

Furthermore, hands on Chris21 support was very limited, your only real option was to go to the vendor. There was a distinct gap in the market place for an alternative support mechanism. In response to this, I started System Logic and began offering Chris21 consulting help to users.

This was back in 2006 and since then System Logic has continued to grow a diverse client base. Many of these clients are what I call ongoing clients. By this I mean clients that use our services on a regular basis. For instance, many clients call on us when it’s time to install upgrades and updates, or for help with end of year processing. This has enabled System Logic to build sound, professional relationships with many clients.

Examples of the types of Chris21 support that System Logic provide are:

  • System upgrades and updates.
  • End of year support.
  • System configuration, for instance leave rules, accounting, security.
  • Training module.
  • HR21 installs and configuration.
  • Report designer.
  • E-performance.
  • Termination module.
  • System administration.

Please have a look at the System Logic website for more details.

This type of support is what I would call direct support where we work closely with clients to address any difficulties they may be having while using Chris21. This can be on-site or more commonly now it can be done remotely. This avoids travelling costs and means clients don’t have to allocate a physical work station. It addition, it means urgent problems can be addressed in a timely manner.

Chris21 information and help delivered to your inbox

As part of my vision to provide more Chris21 information and help online, I have also created this blog.

The Chris21 Blog has enabled me to share my knowledge of the system with interested users. I try to write blogs that are instructional and that I believe address some of the common areas of the system that users may need some help with. The Chris21 Blog is now well established with many diverse blogs that provide useful Chris21 related information. I receive a lot of positive feedback from subscribers which tells me that many people are receiving real benefit from my posts. I also see a steady stream of new subscribers. This is encouraging because it means users who are actively searching for information are viewing the blog as a helpful resource.

The Chris21 Blog has helped to fill the void that was there in the past when users were searching the internet for information related to Chris21. In addition, the Blog offers an alternative to our more formal consulting services. I trust you find this resource helpful. Please let me know if you think the blog can be improved in any way or if you can’t find the information you are looking for.

To subscribe to the blog enter your name and email address on the form on this page. Once you have subscribed, you will automatically receive my latest blog posts in your inbox.

Many Chris21 users are unaware that there are alternative resources available to them. If you feel you need some help or support in any area of Chris21 please feel free to contact Tony Danher on 0421 817 265 or email me at I’m confident that I will be able to help.