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System Logic provides a range of services to clients throughout Australia. We do this by visiting your site or working remotely if required. Our Chris21 services are designed to ensure you receive the support that you need. This website also encourages the sharing of information amongst like-minded Chris21 users. When you subscribe to the Chris21 Blog you receive regular articles of interest about Chris21 that you can access anytime. You can add your own comments to articles.  Our Chris21 services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


System Logic are specialists in all facets of Chris21. Furthermore, we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience and can provide an experienced Chris21 consultant to help you when you need it. Chris21 consulting help can include, but is not limited to:

  • Upgrade help.
  • Issues resolution.
  • Implementing new modules.
  • Help with reporting.

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System Logic offers a Chris21 support service for clients. Chris21 support is about providing assistance when you need it. You can choose to engage a Chris21 consultant to assist you with any help you may need. The Chris21 Consulting page explains in greater detail the types of support we can provide.

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Excel macros can be used to automate regular, repetitive tasks. For instance, you may run a payroll costing report, publish to Excel and then manipulate the report to include extra columns, to do calculations and to format the report as required by management.

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Database Maintenance

System Logic offers a full Chris21 database maintenance service. This service is designed to remove the hassle when it comes to performing regular database tasks. This includes system upgrades, housekeeping and archiving, and end of year support. This service will ensure that your Chris21 database is always maintained at the optimal level.

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System Logic can provide an alternative to the traditional Chris21 training that is available to organisations using Chris21. We already put an emphasis on transferring skills and knowledge to our clients as part of our consulting offerings.

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