One of the questions I get asked a lot by Chris21 users is about linking files in Chris21 reports. You might be asking the same question. It’s not really very intuitive, so if you have been wondering how to do this you’re not alone. If you need to write Chris21 reports and you’re not comfortable with linking files, let me show you how. The first thing you need to know is that not all files can be linked, it will depend on whether or not there is a common field or ‘Pointer’. A good example is position number. There is a position number on POS and one on PDT and these refer to the same field. So I will use this example in the tutorial. Let’s assume you have been asked to write a report showing all employees and the business unit and leave group assigned to each employee. Linking files in Chris21 reports Business Unit has a different parent key from the other fields in this report. It uses PDT CODE from the PSDET file. Chris21 uses the common fields POS NUMBER and PDT NUMBER as Pointers to link these files. Note that your system my not show Business Unit. I am of course referring to the Org Level 4 field. Next I will show you how to use these pointers in your report to make the link. Open the report writer and create the report. To start with, just add the three fields that come from the Positions (POS) form. Add fields to the Chris21 report At this stage I have only added the POS fields to the report. In the next step I will add the field Business Unit from PDT. Chris21 report writer linking fields When you attempt to add Bus Unit to your report, the Report Designer will recognise that a different file is being accessed and will ask you to link the field. Setting the Chris21 report writer file link After clicking Yes to link fields, the Files screen and the Field Chooser will open. Press F6 and enter POS to go the Positions (POS) form within the Field Chooser. How to link files in Chris 21 reports You will need to move the Field Chooser window so that it doesn’t cover the Linking Field row that is highlighted in red. Then click with your mouse on the Position Number field from the Field Chooser, keep the mouse button pressed and drag the field into the field highlighted in red on the Files screen and then release the mouse button. After releasing your mouse button to drop the Position Number field into the Files screen, the Bus Unit field in your report headings and the Linking Field row will no longer be highlighted red. Chris21 report file linking Now Save the report to finish off. Save linking files in Chris21 reports And that’s all there is to know about linking files in Chris21 reports! You now have a report that links the EMPOS and PSDET files. Now that the link has been established, you can easily add other fields from either form (POS or PDT) into this report. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this. Or if you would like some examples of other files that can be linked.