This functionality has been available for some time now. The Chris21 Report Designer can deliver reports based on your organisation hierarchy, in other words, based on your Relationships (REL) configuration. This is especially useful if you want to add reports to the HR21 menu for managers to run.

Rather than your HR and Payroll people having to run common reports for managers, the managers can run their own reports via HR21.

A good example is a leave balances report. This can be written using the Chris21 Report Designer and then added to the HR21 menu. The manager can then run this report when required. The key point it that security is built in, so that the manager will only see the leave balances of their direct reports.

To create a report that uses Relationship reporting, all you need to do is check the Use Relationships checkbox under the Options tab in the Report Designer. As shown below:

Chris21 manager reports

If you’re not sure how to add your Chris21 manager reports to a menu, have a look at my blog: How to Add Chris21 Reports to a Menu.

Note: The steps outlined in the above blog post will usually be performed by your Chris21 administrator. If you don’t have full security access to your system you will need some assistance from your administrator.

After following these steps all managers who have access to HR21 will now have access to your Chris21 report and will be able to view the information of their direct reports only.

Try this functionality for an easy way to provide up to date and useful information to managers in Chris21. Reach out in the comments if you have any questions about this functionality.