HR21 leave types refers to the different leave types that users can request via the HR21 interface. This is the this list of leave types you see when you go to the Request Leave page in HR21 and select from the Leave Type drop down list.

The default list includes all of the leave types that have been setup in Chris21, however this is rarely what you want when using HR21. For the majority of clients, the HR21 leave types comprise just annual, sick/carers and long service leave. The screen shot below shows how the leave type list might look if it was referring to the default list:

HR21 leave types

How do you setup the HR21 leave types list specific to your organisation?

You specify the leave types for HR21 in a separate table. The table is called Kiosk Leave Types – KKLVE. When adding leave types to this table you must ensure that the codes match those on the Leave Types -LVETP table. For instance, if the code for Annual Leave on LVETP is ANN, then you must enter ANN on the KKLVE table. You can add as many leave types as you require on KKLVE but they must already exist on LVETP.

This is an example of how the KKLVE table would typically look when viewed from the Tables (TAB) form in Chris21:

HR21 leave types

You might notice that your HR21 system has already been implemented using the KKLVE table. In this case, if you want to add or remove HR21 leave types you simply need to go to this table and update as required. If you are not using KKLVE it means your system may still be configured to use LVETP. You will know this because you HR21 leave types list will be a long list (as shown in the first screen shot), containing all of your Chris21 leave types. If this is the case, you will need to change the configuration to use KKLVE.

How to configure HR21 to use the KKLVE table

This is done in the Data Dictionary (DMA) form in Chris21. Go to DMA and look up the field LAP TYPE CD. This is the field that holds the lookup table that the system uses for HR21 leave types. The Validate Table field will show which table is being used.

HR21 leave types

You should make sure that KKLVE is entered, as shown above. Since Chris21 will default to LVETP, it is possible that this may not have been changed when your HR21 system was implemented. If your system does still show LVETP then you will need to change it to KKLVE. Once you have made this change you will see this the next time you access the Leave Requests page in HR21:

HR21 leave types

Once you have this setup correctly you only need to change the entries in the KKLVE table and these changes will then be reflected in HR21.

This configuration change will ensure that you only display a limited list of HR21 leave types for users to choose from. Thus letting you control the types of leave that users can request and making future maintenance easier.

On a final note, I always recommend that you make these types of system changes in your test system first. This way you can be sure the system is behaving as you expect before updating your live system.