When I first started working as an independent consultant in the Chris21 space I soon came to realise that there was a very real lack of Chris21 online support for users. Back then, if I entered a Google search for Chris21 support or Chris21 consulting, very few search results were returned. That’s why I began to build a Chris21 online community.

I started with the Chris21 blog as a way of putting up content that I thought Chris21 users would find useful. The blog is also a great way for users to easily leave comments and read the comments of other users. At the time I also started the Chris21 Support Forum. This was designed to allow users to start discussions and for other users to interact, much like the other forums you will find on the web. Unfortunately, the Forum wasn’t as successful as I had hoped so I discontinued it last year.

To improve the availability of Chris21 online support, I have recently started a group on LinkedIn called the Chris21 Support Network. LinkedIn groups are a great way for like minded individuals to connect and share information. The group is still in its infancy but as it grows I am confident it will become a rich source of information for all Chris21 users. I encourage all of my LinkedIn connections to join the Chris21 Support Network group if you haven’t already. Also, feel free to let others know about the group if you think it will be useful for them.