The ability to generate emails from Chris21 has long been a feature of the system. These emails can be sent to individual employees or groups of employees depending on requirements. Chris21 uses the email address from the employee’s Details (DET) form to know where to send the email.

There are many instances where you may want to automatically send emails from Chris21. For instance, emailing payslips, workflow emails or workgroup reminders. These are common examples of how emails can be used to great benefit by providing messages and alerts to employees.

Emailing Payslips

The days of printing payslips and physically delivering them to employees are very much in the past for many organisations. Although I am aware that some organisations still do this for various reasons.

One efficient method of delivering payslips is via email. As long as an employee has an email address then this can easily be achieved. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a work email address, it could be a private one. The private email address would, however, have to be specified on the employee’s Details (DET) form.

You can even email the payslips in PDF format so that they can’t be altered. And they can be password protected so that only the intended recipient can open them.

Workflow emails

If you are using HR21 for leave requests then you are already be using workflow emails in Chris21. These emails are purely alerts that tell a manager that an employee has requested leave and also tells the employee when the manager has responded to the request.

This is a very useful way to keep all parties informed as to the status of workflow requests. Bear in mind that workflow requests do no just refer to leave, it’s just that leave is probably the most popular one. Other forms of workflow can include such modules as training, expenses, performance management.

It’s also worth noting that workflow emails are simply alerts and have no bearing on the actual workflow process. This means that the workflow process will continue as normal even if the email functionality stops working.

Workgroup Reminders

These are very useful and lend themselves very well to email alerts. Please read this blog for further information about workgroup reminders, Use Workgroup Reminders to Manage Expiry Dates in Chris21. This gives a good example of how you can configure and use workgroup reminders.

Essentially, workgroup reminders are emails that are sent to interested parties to alert them that an important date is nearing. In my blog example you can see that there are many ways to use this functionality to your advantage. For instance, ┬ápayroll could set up a workgroup reminder if a position has an end date that is approaching. This could be sent to the employee’s manager as an alert that the contract may need extending.

You may not be using the emailing feature of Chris21 to its full advantage. If that’s the case, consider some of the ideas mentioned in this blog. With a few configuration changes you can achieve significant efficiencies by auto-generating emails from Chris21.