Consider these options to gain efficiencies when delivering payslips from Chris21

You already have a system for delivering payslips from Chris21 to employees and may have been doing it this way for a number of years. Even though this system may work perfectly well, you do have a few more options now.

Gone are the days when the only option was printing and hand delivering payslips to each and every employee. More recent developments in Chris21 mean you can also deliver payslips via HR21 and/or via email. If you haven’t considered these options, they are worth a look and very straightforward to implement.

You may have already considered HR21 or email as a method of delivering your payslips and decided that it wasn’t worthwhile due to restraining factors. Examples of restraining factors could include employees who don’t have computers or email addresses. In these cases delivering payslips by hand may still be the best (or only) option.

Bear in mind that Chris21 can be configured so that you can select individual employees to receive a printed payslip. Therefore, you can print payslips for some employees and deliver payslips via HR21 or email to other employees. To enable a printed payslip, ensure that the Stop Payslip Print field on the Flags (PYF) form in Chris21 is blank and the Stop Payslip Email field is selected.

Delivering payslips from Chris21

Delivering payslips from Chris21 via email

When you run the Payslips (SLP) process to create all payslips, you have the option to deliver them via Email as PDF, Email as text, or Do not email.

Delivering payslips from Chris21

When you select Email as PDF, employees will receive their payslip via email in PDF format. The advantages of PDF are that the payslip cannot be modified and also a password can be assigned to the PDF document so that it can only be opened with the correct password. Note that passwords can only be assigned to payslips that are emailed in PDF format. If you select the option to Email as text you will not be able to assign a password. To create passwords go to the Other Details (EDE) form on Chris21 and update the New Password field.

Delivering payslips from Chris21

If you are doing this for a large group of employees you can use GTR functionality to update passwords.

Note: To enable payslips to be emailed via PDF you will need to make a configuration change to your BRE.INI file. Refer to the Chris21 Technical Reference and Installation Manual document.

Delivering payslips from Chris21 via HR21

If you are using HR21 then you already have the mechanism in place to provide payslips. The advantage of using HR21 is that employees can access their most recent payslip and also their previous payslips (up to the point where you last archived your pay history data). Employees can also print their payslips if required.

Whether you choose the email option or use HR21 for delivering payslips in Chris21, you will find that either method will provide efficiencies and cost savings. Best of all, these changes are quite straightforward and can be done in-house.