By now you would have received your Chris21 version 8 upgrade disk. Like all upgrades, this is one that you should have in place prior to the end of the financial year. There are usually legislation changes that need to be in place and also you will want to have the upgrade complete before you undertake your end of year processing. Refer to my blog Chris21 Upgrade Help for some further information and tips about Chris21 upgrades in general.

To help out I have created a new forum specifically for the Chris21 version 8 upgrade. If you are already a registered forum user you can log in and will notice the new forum under the Chris21 Upgrades category. If you are not yet a member register now to gain access to all of the information available on the Chris21 support forum.

I encourage you to share your experiences as you move through the upgrade process. If you find an issue it will be very useful for other Chris21 users if you can take the time to create a topic. Others will no doubt find the same issue and may come to the forum looking for answers. Likewise, if you post a question it’s also likely that someone else will already have the answer

The more users contributing to the forum the more successful it will be. I will of course update the forum with any useful information I come across as I work with clients on their upgrades.

I am available if you need help with your upgrade. It’s a big job to undertake, especially considering that significant testing should be undertaken to identify any issues. I can help you work through the process with less stress! Email me at or phone me on 0421 817 265.