Welcome to the new website from System Logic.

The new-look website has been created to give users a resource for their Chris21 support needs. For the first time the website incorporates the Chris21 Blog. Those of you who have previously subscribed to the Chris21 Blog will continue to receive the latest blogs delivered direct to your email address. If you haven’t subscribed, please feel free to do so. Subscription is free and you will be added to the email list to ensure you receive our latest blog posts.

Some of you may have previously been registered for the Chris21 Support Forum. You will notice in the new look website that the Forum no longer exists. I made the decision to cease maintenance of the Forum to concentrate on the Chris21 Blog. I believe the blog will prove to be a much richer source of information for the Chris21 user community. It will also be a more user friendly experience. You will automatically receive blog posts in your mailbox (if you have subscribed) and can read comments from other subscribers and add your own comments.

For those of you who are visiting the System Logic website and Chris21 Blog for the first time you will see that I also offer a full Chris21 consulting service. Many clients use my services on a regular basis. Please contact me if you need more information about the services I provide and the ways I can help you.

I hope you find the website and Chris21 Blog useful. I encourage you to leave comments on blog posts. These can be questions or simply general information relevant to a post that you think other Chris21 users may find useful. I will also endeavour to answer questions as they arise. If you have any feedback about the new look website please leave a comment.