Chris21 support and help to all users

The Chris21 Blog is now well established with posts stretching back to 2012. The blog provides Chris21 support and help for all Chris21 users. Better still, subscribers receive new blog posts delivered direct to their inbox. That makes it clear why the blog was created. But what are the benefits to the author, and of much more relevance, what are the benefits to you? I’ve been involved with Chris21 for many years now. For some more information about my experience have a look at the About page on this blog or on my company website, or my LinkedIn profile.
Why The Chris21 Blog?
As a user, have you ever tried searching the web for information about Chris21? I know I have and it was very difficult to find anything when I first started the blog. Given that Chris21 is such a popular system, I am sure that there are many users who would appreciate access to more Chris21 support and help. It’s also a means for users to communicate with each other by leaving comments. There is already some discussion among users via the regular Chris21 user groups. For example, a user might ask a question and email it to the group. From this a number of replies will be exchanged. Blog comments can similarly open up communications between Chris21 users.
What’s in it for the author?
Firstly, I would like to point out that neither I nor my company, System Logic, have any affiliation with the Chris21 software vendor. I simply offer an alternative source of support for Chris21 users. I don’t earn any income from writing this blog. I use the blog as a means to provide helpful information to anyone who wants to read it. If there is a benefit to me, it’s that users will become aware of my experience and that I may become a trusted and reliable source of Chris21 support.
What’s in it for you?
The Chris21 Blog is purely for your own information. You may find articles of interest, or not. You may find an article where you feel compelled to comment – all the better. Your comments might be just what someone else is looking for. There may even be something you want me to write about. Let me know by commenting on this article – if I can help I will. The Chris21 blog has been going strong for over four years now. I look forward to continuing to grow the blog and receiving your feedback.