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Chris21 support to help you reach your business goals


Providing assistance when you need it


Chris21 Support

Interface Design

I can build the interfaces between Chris21 and other systems such as onboarding, timesheeting, finance.

Major Projects

I can help with your major Chris21 project. My Chris21 and iChris specialist services will help you reach your business goals.

Support Agreements

Entering into a support agreement is a great way to ensure you have the support you need and confidence that your system is in good hands.

Chris21 Improvements

I’ll help you address shortfalls in your system configuration and deliver outcomes that let you make smarter use of Chris21.


I can help with troubleshooting difficult problems that you need urgent help with. 

System Maintenance

Let me help you keep Chris21 in excellent health by taking care of upgrades, updates, system housekeeping and archiving.

I offer a Chris21 support service for clients. My support is about providing assistance when you need it.  The Chris21 Consulting page explains in greater detail the types of support I can provide.

You may want to take advantage of my support service when you have a major project to undertake, for instance, an HR21 employee self-service implementation. Or you may require an on-site or remote resource to assist during a Chris21 payroll upgrade.

Building the Chris21 Support Community

Besides my direct consulting support, I have created two more avenues of support that are freely available to you.

The Blog

I write regular articles that are all about Chris21. These articles are a great source of quality information that is a valuable resource for all users of Chris21. Better still, this information is available to you whenever you need it.

The blog is a free service that I offer. I do this to encourage an on-line Chris21 community where users can seek information and provide input that can help others. Users who subscribe to my blog will have access to regular new articles direct to their inbox.

The Chris21 Support Network on LinkedIn

You can also join the Chris21 Support Network on LinkedIn. I created this group as a further support mechanism for Chris21 users using LinkedIn. The group currently has over 100 members who can ask questions of each other and share information about anything related to Chris21.

As this group grows if will become an even more valuable source of support for users. Feel free to connect with me and request to join the group.

Let’s Work Together

I’m an independent consultant who can solve your toughest Chris21 or iChris problems.

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