I have been more active on LinkedIn recently. While I’ve been a member for the last few years, I have tended to neglect it due to other priorities, such as working on building a Chris21 user community! As the ‘Chris21 community’ is growing I think it is worth taking advantage of the features of LinkedIn to help keep it growing. If you are not yet a part of my LinkedIn network I would like to invite you to connect:

Join my network on LinkedIn

For more information about the benefits of joining my network please continue reading!

As some of you will be aware, I have been building what I call the Chris21 user community for some time now. Up until now this has essentially been made up of two parts. The first part is this blog, which is gaining a bigger following with new subscribers almost on a daily basis. The second part is the Forum, which can be accessed from my website System Logic. The Forum is also growing at a steady rate and I am pleased to see more and more questions being posted.

The success of the Blog and Forum has given me encouragement that the Chris21 user community is a worthwhile idea and that people are gaining a real benefit from it. And this leads me to the main focus of this blog, LinkedIn. Because so many people are now members of LinkedIn it makes sense to me that it is a further avenue for building the Chris21 user community.

To build my LinkedIn network I have been actively seeking out payroll, HR and IT professionals to connect with. Of course the main priority is to connect with current Chris21 users, however I do have many connections who have used Chris21 in the past and I’m sure these can also benefit from being part of the Chris21 user community. Bearing in mind that there are many Chris21 users out there who are not yet members of the Blog or Forum, LinkedIn is a great way to bring these into the community.

Now that my LinkedIn network is growing I have been providing regular updates that I think will be helpful and of interest to those in my network. For example, I recently added this update about an issue that was resolved on the Forum:

“A Chris21 user asked a question on the forum about linking a report designer report to be run from HR21. The key thing you need to do is attach the report to a form in Chris21. Once you have the form set up you can then add it to your HR21 menu just as you would any other form. If you’re not sure how to attach a report to a form in Chris21 have a look at this blog: How to Add Chris21 Reports to a Menu.”

The great advantage of these types of updates is that they can reach a much wider audience than is possible by just posting on the Forum alone. Even if you are a member of the Forum you may have missed this question and solution. Being a part of my network on LinkedIn will help to keep you informed.

Again, I encourage you to join my LinkedIn network and help grow the Chris21 user community. I firmly believe that the bigger the community the more beneficial it will be for all involved.