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What Is Chris21?

Chris21 is a popular payroll and HR software package. It is widely used in Australia and has expanded to include many other countries. Chris21 is well established as a payroll solution, but it’s actually more than that, it’s a human resource management system. In case you didn’t know, Chris21 is an acronym for Complete Human Resource Information System. The 21 signifies the 21st century. 

Where Can You Get Chris21 Help?

Many businesses turn to me for help to maximise the full potential of Chris21.

Often you won’t know about many of the advanced capabilites of Chris21 simply because you haven’t had the opportunity or time to explore. A lot of businesses implement Chris21 only to find later that the system hasn’t been configured for their needs. The end result is a lot of manual workarounds, inefficient processes, difficulties in reporting, to name just a few problems.

And this naturally effects your confidence and trust in the system.

I help businesses to address these shortfalls in the way Chris21 has been configured and in doing so, deliver outcomes that let businesses make smarter use of Chris21.

I am an experienced, independant Chris21 consultant who can solve your pressing Chris21 or iChris problems. After many years helping businesses in all facets of Chris21, I have the expertise and experience to  help you, no matter what issues you face. My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Upgrade help
  • Issues resolution
  • Implementing new modules.
  • Help with reporting
  • End of year support
  • Staff training
  • System administration
  • Customisations.

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