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Using Macros to Save Your Time

Excel macros can be used to automate regular, repetitive tasks. For instance, you may run a payroll costing report, publish to Excel and then manipulate the report to include extra columns, to do calculations and to format the report as required by management. This can be a time consuming task and usually can only be done by one person because it’s quite specialised. This can also make it difficult to meet deadlines, especially if the report needs to be produced on a fortnightly basis. A macro can be created that will do all of the manual manipulation and do it in a matter of seconds. As an example, I have created a macro for a client that has reduced a fortnightly task that took two days down to five minutes. When it comes to distributing the formatted reports you can even automate the process of emailing them to recipients as part of the macro’s processing. This in itself can save much time and effort. Besides the huge savings in time, macros also offer the following benefits:
  • They can eliminate the possibility of human error;
  • One employee doesn’t have to be responsible for running the macro. They are simple to run and can easily be done by different employees;
  • They provide consistent output and formatting.
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