HR21 Implementations

System Logic can help with your HR21 implementation. We have extensive experience implementing HR21 for clients. HR21 is a highly configurable system that uses the standard Chris21 data dictionaries and customisation practices. This means that you have a lot of freedom to implement your HR21 interface the way you want to. Best of all, you can do this in-house, without the need for costly programming. Because the HR21 interface is customised using the Chris21 data dictionary, you can:
  • Create your own custom HR21 menu. This means choosing your menu and sub-menu names, and the order the menus appear on the page. This is useful if you want to call you menus something more user friendly.
  • Add any form from Chris21 to display in HR21. You can easily add forms form Chris21 to your HR21 menu. This makes it easier to deliver information to your employees.
  • Add or remove fields from any Chris21 form. The previous version of HR21 made it difficult to change the fields that were displayed. Now you can choose which fields to display and which to hide.
  • Change field attributes. For instance, make a field read only. This is a useful feature if you want to enable users to update a page on HR21 but don’t want all fields on that page to be updateable.
  • Choose whether a page in HR21 is updateable or view only.
  • Add messages onto HR21 pages. You may want to add messages onto a HR21 page to make it easier for users to understand. These types of messages can now be configured from the data dictionary and can be easily changed if required, for instance, a phone number change.
Don’t forget to check out our blog, Employee Self Service Implementations – Ensuring Success, for information that can help with HR21 implementations. Please contact us to us if you are considering implementing HR21 or you would like to review your current implementation.