Chris21 Upgrades

Each year prior to the end of financial year you will be required to upgrade your Chris21system. This is usually the case due to legislation updates but can also be a requirement of the vendor, as a number of critical updates may be included in the upgrade. System Logic has many years of experience assisting clients at this busy time of year. We can help you in a number of ways, from giving advice on what is required, through to working with you to ensure the upgrade is fully tested and installed in your production environment. We suggest the following approach to ensure a successful upgrade:
  • Start the upgrade process as early as possible. This can be difficult because of other priorities but it will allow you to be more prepared if issues are found in your testing.
  • Always prepare a separate environment for your testing. This shouldn’t be your standard test system because your standard test system should always be at the same version as your production system.
  • Maintain an issues log and report issues to the vendor as soon as they are found.
  • Get stakeholders involved in the testing process so that there are no surprises for anyone after the system is upgraded.
You can also view the Chris21 Blog. There is currently an article called Chris21 Payroll Upgrade and the Customer which will give you a bit more information about Chris21 upgrades.