Chris21 Customisations

If you are considering any type of customisation in Chris21, we can help. We have the expertise to ensure your Chris21 customisations are done right the first time, to avoid any issues in the future, particularly when you upgrade. Customisation issues are so common Tony has written an article in The Chris21 Blog called Customising Chris21 – What Can Go Wrong? It’s about the common mistakes that can be made and what can happen if it’s not done correctly. Here are some examples of the customisations we can do for you:
  • Create a new form in Chris21. This can then be used in HR21 if desired.
  • Create new fields on an existing form. You may have a specific requirement to store records that aren’t standard in Chris21.
  • Rearrange fields on a form to improve the layout.
  • Add fields to HR21 pages and change their attributes. For instance, make a field mandatory, or display only.
Or you may have problems with existing customisations that you want fixed. We can analyse these problems and fix them so that they don’t recur in the future. We have many years experience customising databases in Chris21 and troubleshooting and fixing problems that have been created by improper customisations. We know how to do it right. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you.