A Chris21 Consultant You Can Rely On.

What I Do

I Provide Extensive Chris21 Consulting Services


I have extensive experience assisting clients at this busy time of year. I can help you in a number of ways, from giving advice on what is required, through to working with you to ensure the upgrade is fully tested and installed in your live environment.


A less than optimal configuration can result in manual workarounds, inefficient processes, and difficulties in reporting. I’ll help you address these shortfalls and deliver outcomes that let you make smarter use of Chris21.


I can help you troubleshoot problems you may be experiencing with Chris21. To achieve this, I will work closely with the business to gain an understanding of the way Chris21 is being used so that I can fix urgent problems in a timely manner.

How I Can Help

I Can Support You With All Your Chris21 Needs

I am an experienced Chris21 consultant who can solve your pressing Chris21 or iChris problems. After many years helping businesses in all facets of Chris21, I have the expertise and experience to  help you, no matter what issues you face. My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Upgrade help
  • Issues resolution
  • Implementing new modules
  • Help with reporting
  • End of year support
  • Staff training
  • System administration
  • Customisations

Why Choose Me?

Why Choose Me To Provide The Chris21 Consulting Help You Need?

I’m an independent consultant working under a company structure. My company’s name is System Logic Pty Ltd. I’ve been working with Chris21 for almost 20 years, supporting my clients by solving the difficult problems. I have a long standing relationship with many of my clients. I believe this is testament to the work I do and the support I provide.

When you hire me, you can be confident that I am competent and can do what I promise. Please see my article Chris21 Consultant – Help when you Need it from System Logic, for some compelling reasons to consider my services.

When you hire me you can expect:

  • A specialist in Chris21
  • Response to your needs at short notice
  • A problem solver
  • A reliable resource
  • Someone who has vast practical experience in Chris21
  • Recommendations to enhance your Chris21 system
  • Knowledge transfer to your staff

Think I might be the help you've been searching for?

Get in touch. Let’s get on a call and see if I’m the right fit for your organisation.