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CHRIS21 Services

My range of Chris21 services are designed to meet your business needs. I have the expertise, gained from almost two decades working with businesses who use Chris21, I can use my experience to solve your problems.

Integration Services

I enjoy the challenge of designing and building interfaces between Chris21 and third-party HR or finance products. Using Chris21’s built in tools and some thoughtful design, I can develop a fully automated link between the two systems.

Major Projects

No matter what type of large project you need assistance with, I offer Chris21 specialist services that will help you reach your business goals. And I’ll take the time to get to know your business in detail so that I can provide a solution that will meet your expectations.

Support Agreements

I find that engaging with clients in support agreements is a great way for me to provide an optimal service. Through regular contact with clients, I can get to know your business in detail and that helps me understand the difficulties that you face.

I’m primarily a Chris21 specialist, but I also have a business analyst background. This, together with my extensive experience gained from working with clients over the last 19 years means I can understand your problems and design the best solutions.

I can also assist if you are using iChris. Even though iChris is still very new, it nevertheless uses the same backend architecture as Chris21, and this is where most of my work is done.

My range of specialist Chris21 services includes:

System Upgrades

Leave Management

Position Management

Accounting Setup


Termination Module

HR21 Configuration

Security Configuration

System Reports

XML Reports

Ad-hoc Reports

HR21 Manager Reports

SQL Database Option

Oracle Database Option



System Housekeeping

Staff Training


GTR Processing

Email Triggers & Alerts

Improving Chris21

Many businesses implement Chris21 only to find later that the system hasn’t been configured appropriately for their needs. This is usually because the implementing consultant either hasn’t understood your business or has implemented based on their experience, how they have done it for other clients.

Regardless of the reasons, the end result is a lot of manual workarounds, inefficient processes, difficulties in reporting, the list goes on. And a lack of confidence in the system and its capabilities.

I’ll help you address these shortfalls in your system configuration and deliver outcomes that let you make smarter use of Chris21.


Medium and Large Businesses

I work with a wide range of medium to large businesses. The types of services I provide range from managing system upgrades, to troubleshooting urgent issues, to providing support when resources are short. My unique skill set comes from many years working with a range of businesses on a wide range of Chris21 issues.

As a seasoned Chris21 consultant, I’m able to quickly understand the problems you are facing and design the very best solutions.


Industry Sectors

I’ve worked with a diverse range of industries, helping with their unique needs. This experience means I will be able to help with your specific requirements, no matter the industry you are in.

Government Sector

Health Care

Local Government





Private Sector

Let’s Work Together

I’m an independent consultant who can solve your toughest Chris21 or iChris problems.