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Chris21 Database Management Service

Chris21 Database Maintenance Service

System Logic offers a full Chris21 database maintenance service. This service is designed to remove the hassle when it comes to performing regular database tasks. This includes system upgrades, housekeeping and archiving, and end of year support. This service will ensure that your Chris21 database is always maintained at the optimal level.

As part of our Chris21 database maintenance service we will:

  • Upgrade your Chris21 system with the latest mandatory release from the vendor. This upgrade will be performed in your Test environment. After your testing is complete, we will arrange to perform the upgrade in your Production environment.
  • Upgrade your HR21 system. A new version of HR21 is always released at the same time as the mandatory Chris21 release. We will install this release of HR21 in your Test and Production environments.
  • Take care of housekeeping and archiving. These processes will be performed at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure your Chris21 database is optimised for efficiency.
  • Provide end of year processing support. This includes managing the various backups that are essential during end of year processing and creating an end of year database.

We can take care of all of your database maintenance needs. Please contact us if you would like find out more about this service and how it can benefit your business.

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