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If you find your annual Chris21 updgrade a hassle, or perhaps daunting due to a lack of resources or specialised knowledge, I can help you.

I’ve been working with clients for many years. One of the tasks I am commonly asked to help with is the upgrade. Over this time, I have created a detailed upgrade process. This process ensures Chris21 upgrades and engine updates are completed to a high standard.

I also take into account client specific requirements. For instance you may be using the database option to store your Chris21 database in SQL. Or you might have a number of interfaces that rely on Chris21. It is important to consider these requirements and to test post upgrade.

You should undertake your general release upgrade as early as possible after it is released. This will allow you time to test. It is common, however, for clients to wait a bit later in the year to upgrade. This is because engine updates are released (usually monthly) and these will address issues found with the general release.

In addition to the general release (this year it is version 8.19), there will always be an engine update that will need to be installed closer to the end of the financial year. Usually the vendor will advise that a specific engine update must be installed prior to the start of the new financial year.

For some more information about this year’s upgrade, you can read my article Chris21 Upgrade 8.19 – Tips for Your Upgrade.

My upgrade process is well proven and has provided peace of mind for many clients. Due to the specialised knowledge required, clients and IT departments are often happy to let me take care of this for them.

Contact me now for a complimentary consultation and I will explain how I can help with your Chris21 upgrade. Leave me a comment below or send a message via the Contact Me page on this website and I will get back to you.