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Chris21 Upgrade to Version 7.08 – Some Key Features

Chris21 Upgrade – highlights from the release notes

The Chris21 upgrade to version 7.08 has been released. Below is a summary of some of the new features that clients may find interesting or useful.

Freeze pane on summary lists. This is a useful feature that enables you to keep the first column in a list visible while you scroll to the right to view other columns. It works in much the same way as freezing panes in Microsoft Excel. As an example, if you enable freeze panes and then go to your Details (DET) list, the Staff Member number will remain visible even when you scroll to the right. See page 19 of the release notes.

Split file repository. This is one for the administrators. The file repository stores information such as report previews and the report output you see on the Report Output dialog box, file information on the Files tab of the report output window, and attachments that you store in Chris21. Up until now all of this information was held on the CHFRD file. Now it is split into 3 files: CHFRA for the attachments, CHFRF for the files, and CHFRD for report output. This will make it easier to perform housekeeping tasks and better manage disk space. See page 23 of the release notes.

Media fields. You can now enter up to 2 megabytes of text into a field in Chris21. This will be particularly useful if you are using the Performance Management or Recruitment modules because these typically require large text entry fields. This also should overcome a common frustration amongst Chris21 users who have tried unsuccessfully to enter more data than the standard text or memo fields will allow. See page 27 of the release notes.

Workflow changes. A workflow control history record can be automatically created whenever a request is actioned, whether this be approved, rejected, declined or manually deleted. This will allow you to keep track of workflow processes and troubleshoot when issues arise. It has always been difficult to do this in the past because workflow records are deleted when they are actioned. See page 30 of the release notes.

Email notifications and diary reminders use current data. This is useful if you are using email notifications or diary reminders and the information in Chris21 changes. You may have a diary reminder set to be sent to an employee at a future date, let’s say a licence renewal notification. During this time the employee may change their surname due to being married. Currently the old surname will be shown in the notification. You can now update this by running the Process Delayed Emails and/or Process Diary Reminders field on the Background Administrator (FLM) form. After you do this the new surname will appear when the notification is sent.  See page 34 of the release notes.

Vacant manager reporting. This addresses reporting issues when a manager’s position is vacant or future dated. In these cases, the report does not show the correct manager. The idea is that if the direct manager position is vacant then the report will instead show the next manager up according to your organisation structure. See page 37 of the release notes.

Legislation – ETP tax compliance. See page 103 of the release notes.

For more information about the upgrade see my blog Chris21 Upgrade Help.