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Support Agreements


Reliable, ongoing Chris21 and iChris support services

Your Chris21 or iChris system is fundamental to your business, in fact it’s usually¬† classed as a critical system. It’s important because it empowers your employees to do their job effectively. It’s also commony the ‘source of truth’, the place you go for accurate Payroll and HR information.

That’s why entering into a support agreement is a great way to ensure you have the support you need. A support agreement defines an arrangement where reliable, ongoing support services are provided to your business.

Ongoing access to a specialist service provider will give you the confidence that your critical system is in good hands.


Chris21 Support Agreements

I find that engaging with clients in support agreements is a great way for me to provide an optimal service. Through regular contact with clients, I can get to know your business in detail and that helps me understand the difficulties that you face.

The support agreement is all about making sure that your Chris21 system is always perfectly maintained and that you have help at hand when needed.

My specialised support services include:

Upgrades and Updates

Regular Housekeeping

Regular Archiving

Correct Audit Configuration

Advice and Assistance in all Areas Chris21

Other Database Maintenance SQL or Oracle


Let’s Work Together

I’m an independent consultant who can solve your toughest Chris21 or iChris problems.

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