This is a tip for Chris21 payroll users or any other users who have access to Chris21 leave balances.

The standard way to view leave balances is using the Balances (LAC) form. You will be familiar with the Chris21 Leave Balances form:

Chris21 leave balances

The limitation of this form is that it only lets you view one leave type at a time for the selected employee. So to view another leave type you need to go to the list of leave types, select the new one to view and then click Query Balances.

This is usually sufficient for payroll purposes because often you will only be concerned with a particular leave type when, for instance, answering a query from an employee. But there are times when it is useful to view all of an employee’s leave balances in one display.

Consider the leave balances summary you see in HR21. As a HR21 user you click the Leave Balances link and can view your current leave balances. Bear in mind that the leave balances you see may not be all available leave types – it will depend on how this has been configured in your organisation.

Chris21 leave balances

The leave balances that are displayed in HR21 come from the Balance Summary (LBS) form in Chris21. To configure the system so that you can see this form as a Chris21 user, all you need to do is add LBS to your security profile. Also make sure that LBS is included in your menu. See my blog How to Use the Chris21 Menu Designer for more information.

After updating your security and menu configurations you will now be able to access the Balance Summary form from Chris21.

Chris21 leave balances

You can now view all Chris21 leave balances for a selected employee in the one display. In addition, this view also shows any future leave that has been booked. By default, the display will only show the leave types that are displayed in HR21. To show all leave types, select the Show Hidden Leave Types checkbox.