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The Forum For Chris21 Users

The number of registered users on the System Logic Chris21 Forum is slowly growing. We now have 62 users. I get many more requests but I don’t allow gmail, hotmail, etc accounts as I am trying to ensure that only genuine Chris21 users have access to the forum. This is done in an effort to maintain the integrity of the forum and therefore make it a valuable resource for those who are registered.

Even though there doesn’t appear to be a lot of activity on the Forum boards, I can see that many users are viewing the various forums. I am sure we will see more participation as more users come on board. There is already a lot of useful information there and this will continue to grow. The search function is very good so if you enter some keywords you will usually find something of relevance. If not, use the Forum to ask a question.

The forum has mentioned a few of the issues many clients have experienced with their upgrade to version 7.8. Also there are some useful enhancements, such as the ability for managers to approve leave from HR21 directly from the email they receive when an employee requests leave. This makes life a little easier for managers!