If you are currently using HR21 in your organisation you will be aware that a key benefit of the system is its ability to deliver real time information to employees. But it’s not just giving employee access to view information. Another empowering feature is the ability for employees to make changes. These changes will update Chris21 in real time.

This might mean allowing employees to change non-payroll critical information, for instance, their address details. Providing this type of functionality not only frees up payroll staff for other value add activities, it also empowers employees by giving them greater access to their own data.

Of course, this ‘opening up’ of access to information that has traditionally been controlled by Payroll and HR can be a cause for concern. This is particularly of relevance when it comes to sensitive or critical data. Payroll staff can rightly be concerned that inaccurate data may be entered into the system without their knowledge.

A good example of this is bank details updates. This can be a regular task for Payroll staff so it makes sense to allow employees to perform their own updates. You might have considered allowing employees to update their bank details via HR21 but were reluctant due to the possibility of inaccurate data entering the system.

You could consider using Chris21 email notifications for extra peace of mind. While email notifications won’t stop the bad data entering the system, they will at least provide documentary evidence of changes that have occurred. These notifications will be sent whenever bank details are updated in Chris21. Should invalid details be entered, the email generated by this change will be accessible. This will help Payroll staff to identify the changes that were made to the employee’s record, once the problem becomes evident.

Chris21 email notifications are straightforward to setup using the Email Notification (MMN) form. They can be configured to send an email to an employee number, position number, or a specified email address. Of course, email notifications can be setup to track changes to any HR21 page, not just bank details. One important point to remember: email notifications will be sent whenever a bank details record is changed. This could be a change made by Payroll in Chris21 or a user in HR21.

Consider Chris21 email notifications as a very effective way to keep track of any changes that employees are making in HR21. This will not only empower employees but also give you, as a payroll professional, peace of mind!