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Recent changes to annualised wage arrangements (also known as annual wage arrangements) will affect the way some businesses report employee hours. Start and finish times and unpaid breaks must be recorded if employees are paid an annual wage under one of the specified awards. Refer to the New rules for annual wage arrangements on the Fair Work Ombudsman website for more information.

There has been a lot of talk in the media about this, even though the majority of employees won’t be impacted. The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) points out that the new annualised wage arrangements “do not affect all employees, or even most employees”. “Only about 20 of the 122 industry and occupational awards contain annualised salary clauses”. You can read the article New annualised salary clauses come into effect to find out which groups of employees are affected.

If you do need to start recording employee hours and unpaid breaks, you can use the standard Chris21 timesheets. The good news is, it may not be as onerous as you might think. Chris21 has two inbuilt timesheet functions that you can utilise. Also, bear in mind that you can use timesheets for recording and reporting purposes only. This means you can use your current processes to pay employees, you don’t have to pay by processing the timesheet

The key takeaway from this is you will have the ability to report over timesheet data as and when required. You can use this information when auditing payroll to ensure employees on annualised wage arrangements are paid correctly.

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