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The Chris21 blog is all about the Chris21 Human Resource Management System. The purpose of the blog is to provide information that is current, relevant and useful to anyone who uses Chris21. As a Chris21 user, you will require a high level of support, after all, you are responsible for a critical information system in your organisation. The problem is that many users do not receive the support they need, it’s just not readily available. The Chris21 blog is the answer to this problem. When you visit our blog you will find regular articles about Chris21 that will include both topics of interest and also tutorials that explain how to perform common tasks. This blog is a must view if you use Chris21.

About The Author

 “My name is Tony Danher and I am a Chris21 specialist, spending my time solving the difficult problems for my clients. I have been providing Chris21 support for eleven years, and pride myself on being able to offer the right advice and deliver solutions.  I’m a problem solver, entrepreneur, source of information and a blogger.”

Email me at tony.danher@systemlogic.com.au or phone me on 0421 817 265.

What I do.

My focus is entirely on the Chris21 system, including HR21, and I have significant skills and experience working with a broad range of clients. These skills were initially developed while working with the Chris21 vendor as a consultant, and have been further enhanced since starting my own company called System Logic. Since that time I have provided Chris21 support for many clients throughout Australia. System Logic has no affiliation with the Chris21 software vendor.

Tony Danher testimonial

Tony Danher testimonial

I provide Chris21 support services. This includes a professional consulting service, where I will visit you and help you with any of your Chris21 needs. I’m a perfectionist and also very determined. This means you can be sure I will find a way to get you the best possible outcome. Please see the Consulting area of the System Logic website for more details about areas where I can help.

I also am very keen to improve communications amongst Chris21 users. I started writing blogs in an effort to provide helpful information and to encourage the sharing of information. The aim is to build a community where users can find quality information about Chris21, HR21, System Administration and some of the newer modules available, such as e-Performance and e-Recruitment. This will be particularly useful at upgrade time, when information about known issues and bugs is hard to find.

You can visit the System Logic website to find out more. To become part of the Forum and view the Frequently Asked Questions simply visit the website and Register. There is no charge to register and become a member of the forum.